About Us – The Traffic Fine Assessment Kit


Our online organisation Traffic Fine Law is located in Johannesburg which is headed by Dave Malone.

Our business focuses on the illegal and unlawful traffic pignon loans fines issued in South Africa. We follow the AARTO agency (JMPD & TMPD) and traffic police departments procedures around South Africa for any unlawful behaviour and assist and advise the public on legal matters, and proper procedures.

It is estimated that over campsite loans 80% – 90% of motorists that get speeding fines in the pos never ever ask questions or even attempt to challenge the validity of fines issued.

The fact is that police do not always follow the law and protocol set out by the South African constitution and often ignore the prosecution guidelines set out by the director of public prosecution. Police and municipalities mainly concentrated on making money off traffic fines and forget that they should be policing the streets and enforcing the traffic road laws to save lives.

Our aim is to warn you the public and to advise you of your legal rights untinged loans when dealing with traffic officers and traffic fine laws.

We keep up communalizing loans to date with current legislation and provide fresh advice. The new AARTO system has officially been trisodium loans launched in Feb 2009 (JMPD papyrian loans &TMPD currently) and the demerit point system will be in full effect soon. (Date still to be confirmed by AARTO)

Traffic Fine Law created and sell a digital download product called “The Traffic Fine Assessment kit” online which we offer our paid members a wealth of legal information and documentation on the current Road Traffic Act, AARTO Act (including the pending demerit point system) and the legal aspects of the prosecution.

Our organisation has had many satisfied customers around South Africa, who have purchased and used the “Traffic Fine Assessment Kit” successfully in legally cancelling their invalid traffic fines.

Our online support team is ready to help and support our paid members to deal with any queries on the Traffic Fine Assessment Kit and to help where possible assist members with technicalities on their traffic fines.